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About us

2D/3D Art company engaged in discovering endless possibilities for computer graphic applications.
Ever since it’s establishment in 2010 the company offers digital art outsourcing services for both 2D and 3D art as well as developing its own interactive products.
- The 2D services include concept art for games, films, advertising, infographics, web and print.
- The same spectrum of applications could be presented for 3D art, art for games being the major field of company’s activities. Having gained experience in art for games Iron Solutions helps its’ clients with all the issues that need to be visualized – from the game concept art to fully prepared 3D models and game settings.
Despite the games, the 3D services and interactivity is applied to the broader fields of interactive and digital products – infographic presentation movies, educational media, advertisements, design and architecture visualizations, films, medicine and etc. To say shortly, anything that is visual in real world and even that is still considered a fantasy in the real world can become a reality in the digital. Anything can be real in the digital world and the company Iron Solutions can help its clients to make it happen.

Vilma Š..jpg

Vilma Šeškevičienė

Project coordinator

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