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Video game development

Game Development is our passion. From something simple like a 2D platformer to complex 3D VR educational systems - we love them all. Games these days can bridge the gap between education and entertainment.

Using the latest technologies like Unity3D and Unreal we can deliver solutions for any platform and keep it optimal yet good looking. More than half of our team is focused on 3D art alone. Using techniques like occlusion culling,  texture baking, and even LODs for 3D models we push boundaries of what is possible. Even website based OpenGL solutions can then look like triple-A games meant for standalone computers.

Even if it's a piece of the existing solution you are struggling with like graphics, code or art - we are here to help you out.

We believe that virtual and augmented reality is a significant step forward. We have developed an in-house AR solution that can be custom-tailored to deliver any message or serve any content for our clients. From design to production Iron Digital team is the ideal partner for your immersive experiences and services. This is the ultimate advantage of your industry that your company can get today in terms of local and international PR, effectiveness, profit, and future perspective. Our studio focusing on games, custom software, and immersive solutions development. 

We offer project planning and requirements analysis, user interface design, wireframing and mobile development, testing, implementation, and support. From AR, VR to purely OpenGL driven or HTML based - we have done it all.

Virtual & augmented



Since we are experts in 2D, 3D, and even simulations - using these mixed technologies we can help you achieve truly groundbreaking results.

If you want to advertise your business, products, or services, teach your users or employees something or you want to communicate with your customers in an interesting and engaging way - we can help you out by creating a character that would deliver your information for you. A character that could deliver your message, streamline information, or even become part of your brand.

Imagine a solution that would lead your users to come to you and willingly consume your information instead of forcing it on them or trying to lure them in. We can take your information, distill it into a tasty potion so that your users would not only willingly take it but even seek to get it.


Animated video


Turn your ideas or sketches into professional illustrations.

Illustration can be a powerful way to communicate about your work or bring your audience to the magic of text. One of our strengths is that we can adapt our skills to a specific style. Our team develops customized and original graphic illustrations that include character illustrations, architectural illustrations, advertising illustrations, book cover illustrations, contemporary illustrations, illustrated books, food illustrations, editorial illustrations, comic illustration, scientific purposes, and specialized illustrations of any kind.



In-depth keywords research
Preparation of qualified SEO strategy
Creation of inbound marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing

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