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Is an innovative non-commercial augmented reality project dedicated to supporting children undergoing cancer treatment. Our goal is to enhance children‘s emotional wellbeing with the dose of positive emotions elicited by the „Sharejoy‘s“ creations.

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Osterport II

Virtual, cognitive tour with an architectural ensemble. The purpose of the app is to introduce the future building and start pre-sales of rental spaces.

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JEB Furniture App

JEB Furniture Solutions is a leading supplier of innovative furniture and lighting solutions. Our augmented reality solution will allow customers to try out furniture in their home space

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Video animation

The animation was created to grab attention at an exhibition attended by a client. This story illustrated their background. We created character by customer identity and show his endless journey through the storytelling concept. 

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Enter the room

It is an immersive experience that puts you at the heart of war.  This project demonstrate that AR could be a revolutionary medium for storytelling; an effective way of communicating a message, portraying emotions, and, ultimately, serving a larger cause.

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Architectural visualization

From drawings to full visual fulfillment

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NeocronX app

„NeocronX” is free-to-play game for Tablets and Mobile Devices with the operating systems iOS and ANDROID.

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Models for movies industry

The hard-surface modeling industry is booming, no surprises that this style of modeling are our designers passion too

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Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to quickly show audiences a big idea, services or educate customers  how systems work

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ISF is committed to monitoring and improving its energy consumption and to educating a generation of students who are not only aware of but actively engaged in this critical global issue through the internet of things.

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The ISF Academy

An interactive, educational coloring book, designed to get acquainted with the inhabitants of Kaunas Zoo

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Lithuania ZOO app


Dynasty warriors game

The Dynasty Warriors  is a traditional one-on-one fighting game, released for the PlayStation. We are very proud to have contributed to its development by being part of KOEI company

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See yourself in your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses with Virtual Try-on tool. Our visual solutions  making it easy to shop for eyewear online.

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Virtual Try-on glasses


Recipe book for kids

VMG cookbook for children - a cartridge for creativity + a guide to a balanced diet for children and current and future parents.

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Bathroom equipment AR solution

Augmented reality solution for new products from the catalog. The goal is to introduce future products that can already be tried in your bathroom

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KAKE MAKE Illustrations of educational books

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